Saturday, March 03, 2007

polls and rumors

Life has been hectic in February, and I was just catching up on my reading when I found this post and feel I should set some things straight.

I know Stephen created his poll with all the nicest intentions, but I did worry when I saw it that it would have exactly the effect that John describes. But I thought maybe I was worrying too much (worrying is one of my best things...) and put the thoughts aside til I read John's post.

At this point, it does seem important to state a few things. First of all, it isn't just me believing this needs doing, my boss does, my boss's boss... They wouldn't let me talk about it if they didn't believe in it. We have real people working on it (as their day job), as it clearly is so large of an endeavor that while I love to code, I could not possibly accomplish the project by myself in a reasonable amount of time.

So work is ongoing, and we are lining up the right release vehicle for the work. What release it will be will be a calculus of a critical mass of features and alignment with a Notes release. I don't know the answer to that yet, or I'd be screaming it from the rooftops. There are the usual caveats as in any engineering project that we might hit unsolvable problems, past performance is no guarantee of future results, etc. But the reality is that we are working very hard on it!


Charles Robinson said...

Thanks for the information, Maureen. I think some people may be a little oversensitive after the Garnet incident and want to make sure that IBM "gets it", that this is extremely important to customers. You're telling us the message is coming through loud and clear, and that's very good to hear.

Dan Sickles said...

"a critical mass of features" - how can we influence the feature set? As I've said before, let a thousand extension points bloom. Let all the other tool makers in the shed.

Maureen said...

How can you influence the feature set? Please just ask! either here, or through my IBM email.

I can't promise we can do every request, but it would actually be very helpful to have those things in mind as we build the infrastructure.

Certain extension points will be quite easy to add (adding things to the menu, getting names and noteids of selected design elements, etc.). Others that would manipulate the open design note would be no easier than in the "old" Designer client.

So, please, speak up!

Anonymous said...

I've recently asked my question on Notes 8 Beta forum, but while got quick response from Robert, then later there were no updates here:

So let me ask you then here, cause you may probably know the answer already. Is it my right expectation that for Domino Designer based on Eclipse you already have Java Notes API functionality that lets you deal with Domino design elements (enumeration, filtering, etc.) while not going through JNI layer to appropriate Notes C SDK call? Or are they JNI calls instead?

And when you say about ease of menu options additions for menu options for design elements via extension points - does it mean that some Notes C SDK Extension Manager functionality could be replaced by those extension points? I have in mind various design elements open/close/save events?

Would be very interested to hear your opinion or if you could - please email me directly to


Maureen said...

While we've talked to Bob about needing better Java API access to design elements, DDE will be doing JNI calls to manipulate design data. To deal with this as an IDE, we really need to fine tune the access even more. Some of the API we are exposing/augmenting (code I wrote long ago, now getting a JNI layer!) may in turn prove useful to Bob :-)

For the design element eventing, yes, we are looking at that. That will probably not all be in the first release, as certain design elements may not get touched the first time (forms and views!) But it is the long term plan.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to let us know what you need in DDE - we want to make it PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

Real quick, what does DDE stand for? Thanks.

Maureen said...

In this case, DDE means Domino Designer in Eclipse :-)