Saturday, March 10, 2007

I don't know how I feel about this...

I'm writing this post in line at the Steamship Authority in Vineyard Haven... They now have free wi-fi, even once we're on the boat!

I suffer from being online way too much, and it used to be that the boat was a safe haven, in so many ways. Now with the world so much with us, will it remain my sanctuary? How can we escape when there is no escape?

Just drove on the boat, and had to reconnect, but I'm still live, even on the freight deck of this massive four story boat...

Which means of course that the control must come from within... Time to go up on deck and look at the sky...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Maureen, 06/10/2007
I commute daily between woods hole, vineyard haven and oaks bluffs.
I was having issues in the past couple of months, with a constant connection to the steamships wi-fi lost.Constantly having to re-log.
This past week has been a pleasure.From June 5-9, my signal strength is drasticaly improving on a daily basis!
This is fantastic! Have you recently switched to a new team of IT-MIS professionals? I noticed men in hard hats at the Vineyard-Haven ticket / guide booth, up on the roof on Friday hoosting up new components.(They looked cautious and confident) I suspect they must be dialing in (modem/wi-fi range equipment,on the very peak of the building.
Any way, thier has definitly been much more me a very big step forward.
Please keep up the good work ,these specialists are just what the Doctor ordered (no pun intended)

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Peter Richmond DMD
West Tisbury, Ma