Sunday, March 25, 2007

desperados waiting for a train....

I have a new old album on... Tom Rush with a reissue of Ladies Love Outlaws and Merrimac County, all on one CD. It helps me remember who I really am, or at least who I thought I was going to be. The delta is a bit unsettling.

I hear this music, and it's July 3, 1975, and I'm on a picnic blanket on the side of a hill out in Lenox, Massachusetts. It's an all day concert at the Lenox Music Inn with Tom Rush, Wendy Waldman, Leon Redbone, Orleans, and others I don't quite remember. I foolishly wore long jeans, and foolishly rolled them up and got a terrible sunburn on my legs. The lemonade was cold and sweet... I was with my first true love - and it could not have been more beautiful a day. A bit tinged with sadness around the edges - when Wendy Waldman sang about "nothing to do but let your wild bird go.." I already knew that love would end someday. But that was still a ways off.

I saw Tom Rush again last summer on the island. He's aged a bit, but is still amazing. Just him this time, indoors in the Old Whaling Church, so no sunburn. This time I was with the true love that lasted.

When I hear this album, I hear both the summers of 1975 and 2006. They're both all good.

No Regrets.


Maureen said...

this may actually be a picture from that concert....

Pete Lyons said...

Nice story Maureen. I have a vague recollection of seeing Tom Rush in 1978-79 but I can't pin it down. The name does transport me back to that time though. I didn't know he still performed. Cool.

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Bob Balaban said...

Tom Rush is awesome! I saw him perform at a church in Lexington a couple of years ago, dragged my kids against their will.

He talked about how weird it was that he moved to Wyoming -- "The Unitarians came to my house and burned a question mark on my lawn..."

1975 is not gone forever (yet!)