Saturday, June 28, 2008

halloween redux

I got away from my laptop for a bit this afternoon and tried to find the garden. It has gotten way overgrown due to my neglect. I decided to clear a 6 foot patch again.

I was pulling and pulling, making quite a pile of weeds. I got to a strange looking couple of plants. I pulled one, then looked at it carefully... It looked like a squash plant. That's odd, new kind of weed, I guess. OH! That pumpkin from last Halloween that spent the winter in the garden must have had some fertile seeds. The plant in my hand was one of two little pumpkin plants. I replanted it back in the garden next to its sibling - if part of the garden becomes a pumpkin patch, I can live with that. With this kind of start, it will surely be one of the most sincere pumpkin patches around!

Monday, June 23, 2008

single/double click dilemma

Sometimes defaults are really tough to figure out. Right now we're really going back and forth on whether single click should open things in the Designer navigator (as it always used to) or whether double click should open things (as is the default in Eclipse). We do pay attention (post-beta) to the Eclipse default.

People used to Domino Designer want single click. People used to Eclipse want double click. People who started out used to DD and then started using Eclipse (me, for one!) adjusted to the double click. But we've also had people get blocked thinking there's no way to get a list of forms because single click didn't work.

So the question is... Now that we listen to the Eclipse preference, should that Eclipse preference in a Domino Designer install be set to single click to open or double click to open? And remember that this behavior affects *all* perspectives in the Eclipse instance.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

old vs. new

I realized that I keep saying that Designer 8.5 will have no LotusScript editor. When I say that, I am thinking about the brand new LotusScript editor we are building based on the Eclipse framework that has a class browser, etc. In my head, because that isn't ready for 8.5, "it" isn't there.

But I've heard that some take my statement very literally - that they think Designer 8.5 won't have any LotusScript editor at all. What we do have (still) is the old LotusScript editor, while we continue to work on the brandy new one.

In my heart, it's the new one that counts, but that's different from not having any LotusScript support at all, and of course we still support the old one!

Just thought I'd clear that up :-)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

twittering about

I've been experimenting with twitter lately (late to the party, but that seems to be my style..) Not sure what I think of it yet, but giving it a try. The one thing I find I do like about it is that it is easy to do. Sometimes the thought of writing a *blog post* is daunting - it feels like a blog post must have some profound meaning, and sometimes deep and meaningful just doesn't fit in the day.

So we will see what twitter brings. On twitter, I'm mvgirl, of course!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

in Bremen!

Haven't seen much of it yet, as I just arrived a few hours ago. But I went for a long walk in a park across the street from the hotel, and found a reliable source of diet coke....

It was a pretty easy flight, even my 50 minute connection worked, even though I DID have to go through passport control/security again. Will mostly be preparing for the talk tomorrow, but I hear there's a boat tour tomorrow night that sounds like a neat way to see the city!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

quite a day

my head is full this morning. It's beautiful outside, and my list of things to do today is way longer than the day. My thoughts are like a pinball right now, trying to decide which idea to tackle first. Replacing cabinet pulls on the kitchen cabinets, planting gladiola bulbs, preparing a presentation for DNUG (I thought I was done, but have some new ideas!), coding up a feature I've committed to for our next iteration, breakfast, let the dogs out, and back in... So I'm starting with a blog post, which wasn't on the list at all, but so be it.

I fly to Bremen late Tuesday night, arriving Wednesday mid-day. I've never been to Bremen, and I'm looking forward to it - to see the river that leads to the North Sea. I'd love to see the North Sea, but that will have to be another trip - my son graduates from high school on Sunday, and I need to get right back home.

I'm also looking forward to showing all the neat things we actually are doing for Domino Designer. Our team has been working very hard, and there is a LOT to show. I'll post screenshots after the talk :-)