Monday, August 28, 2006

Eight miles high (almost)

JetBlue took me up over 40000 feet on the way to Phoenix - don't think I've ever been that far up before! Smooth ride, made all the better by my demo starting to work somewhere over New Mexico.

Went to Mike Rhodin's and Ron Sebastian's keynote this morning - very good summary of where we're going with really cool demos (I LOVE Ron's iTunes for Notes!) Exciting stuff.

While I proclaimed I just wasn't going to go outside in the 100+ heat here in Phoenix, I missed the sky - and walked around a bit outside the hotel. A hummingbird flew by which was very cool. I love the Phoenix area - the land is so different, starkly beautiful. And the sky. The sky is amazing.

And tomorrow after the presentations are over, I am going to go for a walk!

Friday, August 25, 2006

I've done it again

I've gotten absorbed by work. I haven't posted here in a few weeks, and I have been working frenetically - Workplace Designer is in crunch mode, and next week I am going to present both Workplace Designer (with Chris) and Domino Designer at the Advisor Conference in Phoenix. Lots of stuff to show in both products, and I always try to squeeze just a little more than is possible...

So I'm working hard on both the presentations and my day job of contributing to the product... When I'm deep into code, I feel like I'm gone - and those around me feel that way too. I love to code - I love that deep absorption that happens when at full throttle trying to get something done (can anyone say adrenalin junkie?) In that state, I forget how to balance, forget to actually look at the sky when I'm outside. This state that I love - it isn't good for me (at least when it continues for weeks as it has).

After Advisor, I am going to take a vacation. I am going to look at the sky, walk in the sand, and try to remember how to slow down.

But I do have some cool things to show at Advisor :-)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Folk Festival Musings

I'm not at the festival, but hearing snippets of it on WMVY - and keep hearing "Dunkin Donuts Newport Folk Festival."

Can we track the baby boomer's "evolution" through the sponsorship of the Newport Folk Festival? The folk festival began with the boomers, and seems to be morphing with them.

1959-1971, 1986-7 - no sponsorship
1988-2000 - Ben & Jerry's
2001 - Newport Creamery
2002-2004 - Apple & Eve juice
2005-2006 - Dunkin Donuts

The generation that first spurned corporate sponsorship, then accepted sponsorship from a new age company like Ben & Jerry's is now sponsored by Dunkin Donuts.

I was too young to be a hippie - by the time I got to college, people were starting to major in business of all things. But I can't help feeling like we've sold out.

And yes, I have stopped at Dunkin Donuts, too.