Friday, August 25, 2006

I've done it again

I've gotten absorbed by work. I haven't posted here in a few weeks, and I have been working frenetically - Workplace Designer is in crunch mode, and next week I am going to present both Workplace Designer (with Chris) and Domino Designer at the Advisor Conference in Phoenix. Lots of stuff to show in both products, and I always try to squeeze just a little more than is possible...

So I'm working hard on both the presentations and my day job of contributing to the product... When I'm deep into code, I feel like I'm gone - and those around me feel that way too. I love to code - I love that deep absorption that happens when at full throttle trying to get something done (can anyone say adrenalin junkie?) In that state, I forget how to balance, forget to actually look at the sky when I'm outside. This state that I love - it isn't good for me (at least when it continues for weeks as it has).

After Advisor, I am going to take a vacation. I am going to look at the sky, walk in the sand, and try to remember how to slow down.

But I do have some cool things to show at Advisor :-)

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Neil Wainwright said...

My pie in the sky wish have Workplace Designer being able to work within *.nsf. It'd be great to see WD be an alternate designer for *.nsf, with all-new design elements (in other words, your own form item and not try and build a traditional Notes form, same for rendering lists, etc.). A lot of customers love their *.nsf files...and the easiest way to move from old Notes code to fresh new designs might be to not try and get rid of *.nsf...but embrace it. Just my two cents and it might already be something on the table.

Thank you for your always.