Monday, August 28, 2006

Eight miles high (almost)

JetBlue took me up over 40000 feet on the way to Phoenix - don't think I've ever been that far up before! Smooth ride, made all the better by my demo starting to work somewhere over New Mexico.

Went to Mike Rhodin's and Ron Sebastian's keynote this morning - very good summary of where we're going with really cool demos (I LOVE Ron's iTunes for Notes!) Exciting stuff.

While I proclaimed I just wasn't going to go outside in the 100+ heat here in Phoenix, I missed the sky - and walked around a bit outside the hotel. A hummingbird flew by which was very cool. I love the Phoenix area - the land is so different, starkly beautiful. And the sky. The sky is amazing.

And tomorrow after the presentations are over, I am going to go for a walk!

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