Sunday, June 10, 2007

Safely to Dresden, via Prague

First time ever in Prague, what a beautiful city! I know we only scratched the surface of what to see, but I was amazed by the churches and the castle... The city is incredibly beautiful, and there is history at every turn. I didn't even get through half of the castle, so I just have to go back! Lots of pictures, I'll create a Tabblo once I'm home (where the cable to my camera is...)

We took the train from Prague to Dresden, negotiated the Metro several times, including a final ride to get from the wrong train station to the right one... Who knew?

Haven't been in Dresden very long, but so far seems like a very pretty city. Have heard that it is all rebuilt to look as it did, but it looks quite authentically old (or I'm easily fooled!)

Drifting off to sleep, but so far a great start to the DNUG adventure!


Anonymous said...

I agree, Prague is very beautiful, I'm here for half a year and can't stop wondering how great Prague is!

Anonymous said...

When you see Prague first time, you are impressed and fall in love with this city. And after you leave, you miss Prague and always want to come back.

Anonymous said...

i am trying to find out how i'll get from Prague to Dresden and it seems too complicated. Could you plz give details as to where you finally took the train from, how you got your message across+issued your ticket etc?