Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Domino Designer DNUG presentation

Today I had my Domino Designer presentation. Showed all the new stuff in 8, then got to show all the progress on the Domino Designer in Eclipse effort. We have more things working now... A Java editor:

A JavaScript editor:

and just a little bit of fun:

There's more to do for sure, but it's fun and moving forward!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very, very, very, very cool indeed.

Unknown said...

This will take Domino programming to a whole new level... very good!

I assume there will be a LotusScript-editor as well?

Maureen said...

yes, there is also a LotusScript editor - I had posted a pic of that earlier in the year, so didn't repeat it, but could if it would help!

Anonymous said...

Why does that JavaScript editor still show a Netscape Navigator icon?

Makes me feel that IE really won the browser war and the rise of Firefox is being totally ignored.

Sometimes ignorance is a bliss but not in this case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, get rid of that Netscape icon and put in a Firefox one. After all it is the most used Gecko based browser now.

I also hope you include an option to show Opera and Safari support icons as well, just like I can in Aptana.

Will we get auto-complete options when writing pass-thru HTML too? That would be a great time-saver and would bring the designer up to date, and more on par with rival platform editors.

Unknown said...


does the LS editor support
a) code completition?
b) class browsing?

If so, I would personally send you tons of chocolate, wine or other stuff you like to get my hands on it :-)

I hope IBM knows how important your work is!

Maureen said...

clearly I need to post more pictures - will do that as soon as things slow down a little bit here. Yes, we have html editing in, with code completion.

Yes, the Netscape icon should be replaced - the good thing is that that editor is another Eclipse component that we just use, so we can just ask them to fix it and not have to do it ourselves!

Anonymous said...

These screen shots look awesome! I can't wait to have a Notes IDE that doesn't suck. I just hope that the changes in Notes 8.0 are good enough to keep Notes/Domino on the road map long enough (or establish it again as the dominant mail/work flow application) for me to use this. Sorry to sound so critical, but something is wrong when the programming features in the macro editor of MS-Word is better than the IDE I have to spend all day using.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant UI!! Feels great to look at those screen-shots!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, that you only have to work on two projects (databases) ;-)

The Designer like "database header" wastes a lot of screen space. This will call for really tall screens or result in a lot of mouse miles (scrolling); as in todays Domino Designer.

In the original Eclipse the project level is only a single line. I think that's very smart.