Wednesday, June 27, 2007

private in desktop views

In a DDE (Domino Designer in Eclipse) meeting yesterday, when I was talking about how important it was to separate the client and designer processes at this time, Andre asked what I had in mind for private in desktop views... Part of the solution for separating the processes means a separate workspace/desktop for the Designer client, so that does indeed present a challenge for private in desktop views.

Driving in this morning (since I had to drive in by myself, and could be relaxed rather than clinging to the armrest because Steve doesn't like to brake as early as I do, but that's another story), I had the thought that we could probably get away with editing such views only within the context of a client. It is my belief that most of the users/editors of such views are those users who have an ACL access where they can create views, but do not have design rights to the database. They do their view design in the client anyway.

So I am seriously considering removing the ability to create private in desktop views when in the Designer, and only providing that function if you are editing a view in the Notes client itself (we'd probably have to have some UI to open the design in the client then even if you had design rights). The alternative for all this is some kind of replication between desktops.

Is my belief correct that that is the predominate use case for that kind of view? If so, I am leaning hard towards having them be client only. Anyone think that's a terrible idea?


Anonymous said...

So long as we can still do "Private on first use" in Designer. Though even that is sort of obsolete, in my opinion, when you could have a view that uses @SetViewInfo to automatically limit itself to the user's category.

Unknown said...

I agree with Andre ... as long as we can build and edit Private on First Use views in designer, then I think your ok.

Now, talking about PoFU views ... any way you guys can give us a way to force an update of private views, created when the user opened the PoFU view, without having to resort to Database Script or Action button code that forces all those private views to be deleted and recreated the next time the user opens the view? That creates a nightmere if users never leave that view

Neil Wainwright said...

what john said :-)