Saturday, September 13, 2008


I remember sitting in my Metaphysics final exam, spring semester, senior year of college, last exam. I had finished the exam. Once I turned it in, I would be a college graduate (modulo a ceremony). I sat there with my exam a good long while. I seriously contemplated not turning it in. The only way I could fail the course would be on the technicality of not turning in the final - that would give me an FX in that course. Then I wouldn't have to graduate. I wasn't sure I wanted to let go - I wasn't sure I was ready. I loved my college, and my four years there were precious. But once this exam was done, I was done...

So I guess I like to hang on to things. We're in that part of 8.5 where we are doing the hard triage. Some of the bugs are clear, we have to fix them. Others are not so clear - the ones that show up when you stand on one foot, under a full moon and the wind is blowing from the east. I cling to each bug as if it were that final exam. There are some very patient souls triaging with me :-)

But it's nearing time to let go, turn in the exam. There's the next round to think of, new features to build, thoughts to complete.

I did turn in my exam that day, and I did go on to grad school. I am working on the list of next things for Designer. But first I'm going to fix this one bug....

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George, Group Admin said...

Hard to give up sometimes. I was always the one given the task of breaking software in the early beta daze way back when.

If you have a chance stop by the MCC group. Several new members the last couple of days that needs some hope by hearing of your long journey with MCC.