Thursday, May 08, 2008

bookmark migration

In my Lotusphere presentation, there was a slide that had the phrase "bye-bye bookmarks" on it. I meant that pretty literally and have not as yet scheduled anything into the plan to actually migrate them, thinking that the new Eclipse working set ways of arranging design databases would lead people to rethink their bookmark structure anyway. And, in full disclosure, we have a lot of things to do, and I'm not sure this fits anyway!

But I have heard some internal users report that they expected their bookmarks to be migrated. It would be "just code" to do it, but is it important enough to do? Or would you be seizing the opportunity to rearrange your databases anyway? Thanks again :-)


Andrew Pollack said...

Hi Maureen - I'm sure I'm not the favored son these days in Westford given recent rantings but here's my solution:

For all that is sacred, give us an object handle to objects in the desktop6.ndk file and in bookmarks.nsf. Then we'll do it ourselves.

Heck, even DXL would be helpful. These icons can't be that complex to represent. The data is tiny.

If I could write code (without going to the API) that could manage my bookmarks and my workspace icons, I could make the whole interface a thousand times more useful.

Unknown said...

I would take the opportunity to rethink my bookmarks... so for me, migrating bookmarks is not neccessary.

Anonymous said...

Considering how badly the bookmarks in Designer works today, I'd say don't bother. They're absolutely useless anyway.

Neil Wainwright said...

They can be completely gone in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Please take all my bookmarks, pile them in a neat stack and burn them.

Then whack the ashes into oblivion with the new workspace.

Then take the oblivion dust and use it as filler for the coffee at Lotusphere.

Anonymous said...

If you give me all those great features of 8.5 I will let you keep my bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

Bookmarks? We don't need no stinking bookmarks, SeƱora ;-)

Anonymous said...

Designer bookmarks? Don't use 'em, so development time spent on migration would be a waste IMO. Focus on the other treats.

BTW, that means the opportunity to re-think is appreciated. Thanks!

mathew said...

I don't use designer bookmarks. They're too buggy for reliable use.

As far as the Notes client as a whole goes, I hope that whatever navigation system comes next, both bookmarks and the old workspace will be totally migrated to the new system and then obliterated. The current mess of having both the workspace and the bookmarks, which may or may not look exactly like each other, is a support nightmare.