Sunday, April 06, 2008


A peaceful, evening crossing. Dark night on the ocean, empty ferry, quiet night. The ferry is pulling in to the dock at Woods Hole. All relaxed. Then it happens. Did I turn the stove off? I know I did. Yes, I'm sure, really sure. I checked the burners before we left. But did I check the oven?

I remember as I took the last pan of cookies out thinking how on this stove I had to press Cancel...

Steve tells me he's sure it was off.

It's off, I know it. Mostly.

Or maybe I just have to go back to check :-)

Other than that thread running in my head, it was a nice day on the island. Oh it certainly was gray, cold, and windy. But the tulips are coming up in my garden, we got a nice walk before the drizzle started in earnest.

Maybe I do just have to go back to check!


Anonymous said...

I thought we were going to get an in-depth explainatioin of Java multitasking in the Eclipse client. :-)

Ah, well, I'll have one of those cookies if they're going spare...

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to learn that this wasn't about Java threading in the designer. Can you please write some more designer related stories?