Saturday, October 06, 2007

and grace is just a measure

I've been listening to Richard Shindell's version of Jeffrey Foucault's Northbound 35 a lot recently. It's a sad song, reflecting my feelings about this, the lyrics don't really apply in any real sense, it's mostly the mood of the song. I just haven't been able to get the song out of my head.

But I've always been a believer in making lemonade. Everything you ever do becomes part of you, what you learn changes you forever. And my time on LCD taught me a great many things; I return to Domino Designer a much stronger engineer than I left it. Domino Designer was likely to take much of my time anyway, putting it into Eclipse is a realization of a long held dream, and now my attention will not be split.

The details are an evolving story for another day. But thank you, LCD, for a great ride.

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Anonymous said...

As a Domino developer, I am extremely happy to hear that you are back on the Designer team.
I understand that you feel disappointed that LCD did not end up becoming the success you and the rest of the team deserved, but from my personal standpoint, I am looking forward to see Domino Designer become a kick-ass development platform, with ideas and functions you are bringing with you from LCD.