Wednesday, August 15, 2007

still free

I've been walking around for the past week with a little bandaid on my leg. There was a little bump that wasn't going away, and with my history, I found my mind was spending cycles on it, so I had to go have it checked. The dermatologist said it was almost certainly nothing, but given my history, it was best to remove it and biopsy it.

I haven't been as nervous about waiting for the results as I was for similar events in the first years after dealing with Merkel Cell Carcinoma. But it's been in the back of my mind... What if I have to fight *that* battle again. What if...

But the message on my answering machine when I got home said "benign." There is no more beautiful word.

What doesn't kill you does make you stronger :-) But you never forget.


George, Group Admin said...

You are the poster child and senior member of our elite club of merkel cell cancer members. Your record of twelve years survivorship sets a standard for all of us youngsters in the club to strive for. I just passed my two year mark yesterday. No, this is not quite like going to an AA meeting each week LOL. This is living life with a deadly cancer that is seldom survivable.

Go Maureen!!

Group Admin & MCC Survivor
Merkel Cell Cancer discussion group at Google Groups

Brian said...

Glad your (still) OK Maureen!