Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm not winning the desktop battle

No, not that one. The one on our own computer at home. The computer used predominantly by my teenage sons that I wouldn't dare do any banking on.

A few days ago I walked by it, and it had a desktop picture on it that I ordered removed as inappropriate. After the predictable statements that it wasn't offensive, I turned into Imperious Mom and ordered it off anyway.

I just walked by it again. It does have a new desktop. It's a tiled picture of Stalin with a cartoon bubble saying "I am not offensive."

I should be glad he knows enough history to consider that "blatant sarcasm"? There's a bright side here somewhere, I just don't see it yet....


Adeleida said...

That is very funny... I think it is important to assume that they don't know the history though, otherwise, yes, it perhaps isn't so funny.


Stephan H. Wissel said...

It is actually funny. It looks like a creative way to express rebellion (not that you should let the rebellion succeed, that's a complete different story). Did he read Edward Tufte eventually? (Great resource for visualizations). There is a similar page.