Sunday, November 09, 2008

sugar mountain

On my twentieth birthday, I listened to Sugar Mountain all day. Today, on the freight boat back to Woods Hole, watching the dark blue ocean, and the bright blue sky, it came on again, uncommanded, as if it knew it was that time again.

I'm an unspecified number past 20, and I was definitely leaving the island too soon...

It feels like I've gotten away with being 20 on Sugar Mountain for a long time - every day remains a new adventure, even a few decades later :-) Maybe someday I'll grow up, but not this year.


Piyush said...

Hey Maureen ! Wishing you belated Happy B'Day. Hope you had good time at Vineyard Island :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maureen! Bet you heard that one on MVY - we get it loud and clear here in Newport!