Saturday, June 21, 2008

old vs. new

I realized that I keep saying that Designer 8.5 will have no LotusScript editor. When I say that, I am thinking about the brand new LotusScript editor we are building based on the Eclipse framework that has a class browser, etc. In my head, because that isn't ready for 8.5, "it" isn't there.

But I've heard that some take my statement very literally - that they think Designer 8.5 won't have any LotusScript editor at all. What we do have (still) is the old LotusScript editor, while we continue to work on the brandy new one.

In my heart, it's the new one that counts, but that's different from not having any LotusScript support at all, and of course we still support the old one!

Just thought I'd clear that up :-)


Unknown said...

I guess support for SVN/CVS version control depends on having the new LS editor? Are there any news on that?

Maureen said...

the LS editor work is unrelated to version control support.

We'll be release noting the version control support - it will work for some elements but not others, and it looks like it may also depend on the source control plugins being used (they need to be virtual file system friendly).

mathew said...

Ah, what I wouldn't give to be able to invoke vim on my Domino code...