Sunday, April 29, 2007

The measure of a man

I'm just back from taking my fifth son to be measured for his tux for his junior prom. I'll never know what it is like to help a daughter shop for a prom dress, but I expect the experience is very different.

I couldn't really get Tom to look at any of the tuxes while we were waiting - he waited until he was asked by the clerk what he had chosen to actually investigate. "Black" was the primary criteria, and I can't say there was much concern for stripes or pattern or number of buttons or material... He did say the word green about a vest and tie, and did find one that he was happy with.

Then you watch the little boy be measured for his thoughtfully chosen tux. Instructed by the store clerk to put his arms at his sides, to stand straight... When he tried on the pants, he was told to wear them at his waist at least for the pictures at the prom...

When I saw him in a try on for size tux and shoes, I wondered who is this man they just measured? That experience is likely to be the same as the mother who gets to see her daughter try on the first prom dress. He looked so grown up!

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Anonymous said...

We've only got one 'child' ...a young man who towers over me and gets his BS degree this Saturday. It is amazing how quickly the days / decades ZOOM by. Seems it was just a few days ago that I'd lay on my back with this tiny little being asleep on my chest ...and now he prepares for grad school.

Congrats to you and to Tom - number five (!?!?!) son - on this very cool rite of passage.