Friday, December 01, 2006

the music is on again

My mother noticed long ago that she could tell how I was doing by watching how much I listened to music. In a particularly dark period, my stereo went unconnected for two years. That is so not me, that she knew that things were wrong.

I used to code to music most of the time. In the past year, with more meetings in my life, I have gotten out of the habit of turning on the music when I get those precious chances to code.

Today I remembered... And at the end of the day, my code was working, and I felt better and less fragmented. The music is going to be staying on!

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Joel said...

I feel you. I began to code to music in the evenings in 93 when studying COBOL after I joined the Marines all the time and quickly realized I felt more enthused and creative doing my "pet" coding than I was during the day in class. Having realized that I now feel this way at home when working on something than I do lately at work (less run down at the end of the night versus at the end of the work day) I have recently started bringing the i-pod to work and have noticed a difference already in the way I feel when the application development process moves from design into development. I have managed to avoid breaking out the old Iron Maiden cds however. I suppose the sentiment is "Rock on" and now I'll get back to work.