Friday, October 06, 2006

we did it!

Midweek this week, I had a good solid case of post-partum depression.

This would be why:


Neil Wainwright said...

Congratulations! So, where does this fit in with Workplace Designer and Domino Designer? I think I get it...Workplace Designer for Workplace/Websphere, Domino Designer for Domino and Component Designer for Websphere Portal. How close did I get it?

I'm always impressed by what you and your team builds.

Brian said...


Congratulations to you and the rest of the Designer team.


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!! Congrats Maureen! I'll be watching the blogs and news feeds for product reviews ;)

Maureen said...

Hi Neil - this *is* Workplace Designer with a new name. I am still having trouble using the new name and still call it Workplace Designer at least 75% of the time.

Our team did a great job - even with having to face the sadness of the death of Art Lavalle in September - if there were a way to dedicate a release to someone, we would definitely dedicate this one to him!

Chris Reckling said...

I've started to blog about this now that we're public.

Inside Lotus


Neil Wainwright said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Anonymous said...

any chance this can be used as a replacement for the Lotus Domino Toolkit for WebSphere Studio to get at the JSP tag Library

Maureen said...

Lotus Component Designer does not use the JSP tags, but does in effect build a J2EE application that can manipulate Domino data - so you can build your app visually, add in scripting as needed, but you would not need the JSP tags in this product.